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Green Matters

Langstone Manor Park sits on the edge of Dartmoor National Park surrounded by the spectacular environment that gives Dartmoor its unique identity.

We fully acknowledge the important part we play in providing a place for people to come and visit and with this endeavour to have as little impact on the environment whilst encouraging visitors to enjoy the great outdoors.

For the last 18 years we have developed the park always keeping in mind the local environment, we are fortunate to be in a wooded valley with a wonderful selection of trees and plants, wherever possible we have managed the flora and continued planting trees and hedges to encourage wildlife by providing habitat.

What is Dartmoor First?

Dartmoor First awardDartmoor First is an award for everyone associated with Dartmoor to recognise their commitment to sustaining Dartmoor and its special qualities.

The award is given by the Dartmoor National Park Authority and is about:-

  • exploring where help or assistance can be given
  • where best practice can be highlighted and promoted to others
  • awarding those who are making that extra effort to put Dartmoor First


We recycle as much as possible and ask that all our visitors help us; there are two recycling points on the park; we recycle paper, metal, plastic, cardboard and glass. Composting bins are available for all food waste and in the self-catering units we provide boxes for food waste for you then to transfer to composting bin near to the camping facilities building. We combine this with the grass clippings and other green waste to make a lovley compost which we can then use to feed the plants around the park. 

We also have a box in the entrance to the manor house where leaving guests can leave unwanted food or other useful items rather than throwing them away in the bins. You'd be amazed at what people want to throw away!   

Award winning facilities

Having upgraded our camping facilities we now have a rainwater harvesting system that feeds the toilets, motion sensors for the lighting, PV panels providing electric in the building, sun tunnels, dual flush toilets, push button taps and showers. Outside we have landscaped the area creating a wildlife haven including our own Coronation street with a terraced row of nest boxes.

All these features have resulted in us being awarded a special recogintion award from David Bellamy through the David Bellamy Conservation Scheme of which we have a Gold Award.  

Cleaning Products

We try and use eco-friendly, bio-degradable cleaning products that haven’t been tested on animals for all our cleaning on Langstone Manor Holiday Park. We provide these products in all our self-catering accommodation.

Portable Toilet Liquid

Having our own septic system means that anything that goes into the system that has harmful chemicals in it will be detrimental to the breakdown of solids so we encourage customers with portable toilets to use bio-degradable liquids. We recommend and sell Bio-Magic.

Electric and Saving Energy

Most of our lights use energy efficient bulbs and a much as possible we are changing to LED lighting. We ask customers to switch off all electric appliances when not in use. Our renewable power is provided by a local hydro-electric scheme at Mary Tavy where you are able to visit. See

Paper use

Where possible we use emails as a form of communication with our customers to cut down on paper use. On the park we shred all sensitive documents and use it for horse bedding or compost it. With the junk and business mail we receive we use the blank reverse side of any letters for customer registration forms and phone booking forms.


Kitchen and Bar

We recycle oil used in the kitchen, any food waste goes to the hens next door. We try and support local businesses where we buy our food and drink from.

And if you have any ideas or have seen something that has impressed you on other parks let us know. We all live on the same planet and want to help wherever we can.

Langstone Manor Holiday Park
Devon, PL19 9JZ